I have over ten years’ experience coaching senior leaders in international businesses. I’m passionate about helping clients explain complex subjects in a clear, concise and compelling way.

My experience ranges from advising finance directors on presenting their company results to helping teams develop customer relationships. My background is both as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a science journalist at the BBC.


More recently, I’ve studied finance and I hold the CIMA Certificate in Business Administration, the IR Society’s Certificate in Investor Relations and passed level 2 of the CFA® in 2017. I am a 2020 CFA® level 3 candidate.​


I graduated from The University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) 1st in mechanical engineering and worked in the chemical industry for six years. I was keen to promote engineers in the media and joined BBC News in 2001, working on business stories for the Today programme and 5live Money. My career took me to the BBC’s Science Unit from 2002.


At the BBC, I learned the art and science of great communication – how to craft compelling stories on complex subjects.


From 2002, I was:

  • the producer on programmes including the BBC World Service’s documentary ‘Discovery: Green Energy in China’, 

  • a researcher and reporter on Radio 4’s ‘Material World’ and ‘Leading Edge,’ and

  • occasional presenter on Science in Action. 


Since 2007 I have worked with clients to enhance their impact, improve their content and develop their style when presenting.  I set up Red Oyster in 2010 and client companies include Kingfisher, National Grid and Eurostar.

My focus is helping:

  • CEOs, finance directors and executive committee members

  • finance and technical professionals develop senior relationships

  • international professionals for whom English isn’t their first language 


I look forward to working with you soon.


These photos were taken at the Institution of Engineering Technology, the IET, Savoy Place, where I'm a member