Virginia did a terrific job for us recently as we adapted to WFH and the need to double down on communication and ensure it was more effective than ever.
We ran two training sessions, one focused on delivering a remote ‘town hall’ with multiple presenters in different locations, where timing, structure and handover were key. The second session focused on running a virtual panel, with the training focused on being both a good presenter and a great panellist.

Virginia brings a huge amount of experience and a practical and adaptable approach that everyone enjoys, and benefits from.

Chris Lloyd
Head of Professional Information Business

and EVP of Operational Strategy at Dow Jones


Virginia provided excellent coaching support for me during my transition to CFO role - including results presentations and leadership conferences. Would definitely recommend her!

Andy Agg, CFO, National Grid


Virginia made a valuable contribution to the virtual investor conference we recently hosted. Her coaching tips on presentation style were impactful and particularly well received by our Chinese clients.


Zafar Aziz, Head of DR Investor Relations Advisory, Deutsche Bank


Virginia gives the tough feedback required for people to improve their skills and does this with kindness, enthusiasm and clarity.

Sarah Thomas

Chief Operating Officer at Catalyst Housing Limited


Virginia has conducted several presentations and communication workshops at Dow Jones.


Based on my experience as a participant, what sets Virginia apart is her focus on the message and the audience. Rather than spending a lot of time on how your slides need to look like, she explores through probing questions what message you want to get across, and helps you think through real-life scenarios.


Ingrid Verschuren

Head of Data Strategy at Dow Jones

Virginia has now been working with me and the team at Eurostar for over 12 years and continues to provide a range of services from 121 'refresher' sessions with the senior team, right through to group work with those who are new to standing up and presenting. She gets great feedback from the teams even though she's sometimes delivering tough messages too!

Marc Noaro, Chief People Officer, Eurostar


I would recommend Virginia very highly, if you have a complex message to communicate and you need help distilling it. She is brilliant at cutting through the crap, identifying key messages, sequencing them into a logical order - and then grilling you with tougher questions than your audience ever give you!

Rowan Gormley, CEO Majestic Wines